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SASO released notification about issuing Product Certificate to the Type 3 products (PC)

Reference to the decision of the ninth periodic meeting with the certification bodies for accepted products held on Jan.4th, 2022 , the Notification about Cetification of Conformity was released by SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) and made the...

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ASTC+ has officially launched an online certificate checking system

ASTC+ has officially launched an online certificate checking system. Users can quickly check the authenticity and validity status of certificates and reports.Please click link to visit the checking system website: http://online.astcplus.com...

2022-01-18 More
SASO postpone the employment of RoHS Technical Regulation

After reviewing the Authority’s Board of Directors’ Decision No. (06/180/2021) in its meeting No. (179) held on January 29, 2021 AD, regarding the adoption of a number of technical regulations, i...

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SASO issued new requirements for some electrical product standards

A reference to the national amendments to some standards published in Umm Al-Qura Gazzitee No. (4896) and dated 20/08/2021, and a reference to the inquiries received regarding these amendments.The updated standards are shown in the table below:...

2021-11-11 More
SASO: ROHS Certification Requirements

SASO formally published RoHS Technical Regulation on July 9th, 2021 and the regulation will be mandatory implemented on Jan. 5th, 2022. This regulation applies to the following products:...

2021-10-14 More
SASO: Non-medical mask products need to submit a MOCI Declaration

According to the SASO circular on 03/24/2021 and 06/02/2020, the list of customs codes for non-medical respirator products includes the following:4818900000248189009999630790970002630790990000SASO requires importers and manufacturers to follow the regulat...

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