Food Contact Materials

EU No. 10/2011 Food Contact Materials Testing

Food contact materials refer to various substances that come into contact with food, such as packaging materials, containers, tableware, cooking utensils, etc. These materials may release chemicals that may affect food quality and safety, so food contact material testing is required. Food contact material testing is a very important testing task. Its purpose is to ensure that food contact materials will not cause contamination or migration of contaminants to food, thereby ensuring the quality and safety of food.

FCM test product:

1. Packaging materials: plastic bags, cartons, aluminum foil, vacuum packaging, etc. 

2. Containers and tableware: plastic cups, lunch boxes, glass bottles, ceramic bowls, etc. 

3. Cooking utensils: pots, woks, steamers, Baking pan, microwave, etc. 

4. Food processing equipment: egg beaters, etc.

Test item

EU No. 10/2011-Overall migration

                         -Specific migration of heavy metals

                         -Specific migration of Bisphenol A

                         -Specific migration of Formaldehyde

                         -Specific migration of Melamine




Metals and alloys - Council of Europe Resolution CM/Res(2013)9 and Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004

Ceramic,Glass,Enamel - 84/500/EEC, 2005/31/EC-Extractable Lead & Cadmium

Rubber - AP(2004)4-Overall migration

                                -Nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances content in teats or soother - 93/11/EEC

                                -Migration of nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances

Silicone - AP(2004)5-Overall migration

                                -Nitrosamines and nitrosatable substances content in teats or soother - 93/11/EEC

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