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EU MTC Certificate

EU MTC Certificate

The term MTC stands for Material Transfer Certificate and Mill Test Certificate. The implementation of this requirement originated from Western sanctions against Russia. It has been reported that as of October 1, 2023, the European Union customs will conduct rigorous inspections on all goods declared under HS codes 7323 and 7326, which involve metal-containing products. For all metal-related products imported into EU countries, it is mandatory to provide an MTC (Material Transfer Certificate) to confirm that the materials used do not originate from Russia.

In compliance with this regulation, recommendations as following:

①  For products declared under HS codes 7323, 7326, and similar metal-related HS codes, the corresponding MTC certificate must be provided. If the MTC certificate is not provided, the declared HS code needs to be changed to comply with the regulations.

2. For products not declared under HS codes 7323, 7326, or similar codes related to metals, and where the product name does not clearly indicate the use of metal materials but includes metal components (e.g., brackets, remote-controlled toys), there is no requirement to provide an MTC certificate during customs clearance. However, if customs inspection is conducted, you will be required to submit the MTC certificate.

3.  When applying for the MTC certificate, it is important to note that the testing organization will specifically indicate the source of the materials on the certificate to ensure they do not originate from Russia. Therefore, it is recommended that relevant businesses clearly communicate this requirement with the testing organization when applying for the MTC certificate to ensure its validity.

Documents required for MTC certification application:

1. Business license

2. Application form

3. Samples

4. Material quality assurance documents

MTC certification processing time:

1-2 weeks

MTC certification fees:

Testing fees

Certificate fees

Compliance evaluation fees

MTC certification process:

Application submission — Sending samples and providing documents  Testing  Confirmation of draft report  Issuance of the final certificate

Note: When applying for the MTC certificate, it is important to be aware that the certificate will clearly specify the material's source after testing to ensure it does not originate from Russia.

MTC Certification sample:

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