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SASO formally published RoHS Technical Regulation on July 9th, 2021 and the regulation will be mandatory implemented on Jan. 5th, 2022.

This regulation applies to the following products:

● Large and small home appliances.

● Information and communication technology equipment.

● Lighting equipment.

● Electrical and electronic tools and equipment.

● Games, entertainment devices, and sports equipment.

● Monitoring and control tools.


   Maximum Permissible Concentration Values by Weight in Homogeneous Materials for Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Devices


                       The upper limit of the permissible percentages    

                       Hazardous Substances categories    








                   Hexavalent chromium


                   Polybrominated biphenyls


                   Polybrominated biphenyls ethers


From 05/01/2022, required to obtain the ROHS certificate first before registering under SABER PCoC, Gulf Technical Regulations for Low Voltage Electrical Devices, IECEE and other related Electrical Technical Regulations.


1.RoHS certificate will be issued by the approved conformity assessment body (e.g. ASTC). The issued ROHS Certificate is valid for 1 year.

2.SABER SC will not be issued based on ROHS Certificate, SC shall be requested to the issued SABER PC base on the other applicable technical regulation such as IECEE, Gmark equivalent Saber PC certificates and others.


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