Food Contact Materials

Food Contact Materials Testing for Saber

1. What is food Contact Materials?

Food contact material refers to a type of material that will be in direct contact with food or in normal and foreseeable contact with food, but does not constitute food by itself. which generally refers to the paper, bamboo, wood, metal, enamel, ceramic, glass, plastic, rubber, natural fiber, chemical fiber and other products used for packaging and holding food and internal wall coatings that contact food.

For detailed information, please search on to distinguish whether products belong to Technical Regualtion of for food safety in tools and appliances used in the kitchen.

2. SABER requirements for food Contact Materials

2.1 Testing

Here is a general test item list for food contact material products:

full migration


extractable heavy metal

Pentachlorophenol (PCP)


2.2 Factory Audit

As food contact materials belongs to type 3 product, factory audit report is mandatory. ASTC can provide you proessional factory audit team to finish the program.

For more testing and auditing information, please contact will mail:

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