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The CPC Certificate is refer to Children's Product Certificate. Suitable for children's products under 12 years old, such as toys, cradles, stools, children's clothing, etc. If it is produced locally in the United States, the manufacturer is responsible for providing the certificate. CPC refers to a form that acts as a self-declaration, and then contains information about the product, as well as the test criteria and items tested for the product. When launching some categories of products (such as children's toys, etc.) on the Amazon platform, merchants will be required to upload CPC certificates at the same time. Related products without CPC certificates may not be sold online.

Toy CPC testing product:

Plastic toys:  building blocks, educational toys, puzzles, etc.

Plush toys: stuffed bears, plush toy cars, etc.

Electronic toys:  electric toys, musical toys, smart toys, etc.

Wooden toys:  wooden building blocks, wooden vehicle toys, etc.

Metal toys: metal airplanes, metal vehicle toys, etc.

Toys and gifts:  children's stationery, children's watches, children's jewelry, etc.


(1) CPSIA total lead and Phthalate;

(2) Toy Standard ASTM F963;

(3) Safety standard for electric toys 16 CFR Part 1505;

(4) Rattle toys require 16 CFR Part 1510;

(5) Pacifier safety standard 16 CFR Part 1511;

(6) Children's clothing, carpet burning performance, such as 16 CFR Part 1610;

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