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Saudi Energy Efficiency Label
What is Saudi Energy Efficiency Label?
The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) issued the regulation of Energy Efficiency Label by Royal Decree No. 216, in order to rationalize the consumption of electric energy, by taking advantage of the scientific means and the international relevant standards in this field.

Scope of Saudi Energy Efficiency Label:
The Energy Efficiency Label for electrical appliances is an awareness label for the consumer attached to the electrical appliances such as (refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines), electric motors, and lamps, as all products within this scope are mandatorily required to comply with energy efficiency standards, to be cleared and placed in the Saudi market.

Energy Efficiency Label Register Process:
1. Applying to obtain a license for each model of the product.
2. Fill the forms and attach all additional documents required by SASO concerning the label.
3. Attach the test reports issued from an accredited laboratory, and a valid copy of the laboratory accreditation certificate.
4. Submitting a semi-annual report for SASO indicating the amount of the registered product's sales in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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