Children Toys

Children Toys Testing

1. What is children toys?

Children toys refers to products designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for use in play by children under 14 years of age.

Here is a list for children toys:

Functional toy, Aquatic toy, Activity toy, Chemical toy, Cosmetic kit, Gustative game, Olfactory board game, etc.

For detailed information, please search on to distinguish whether products belong to Gulf Technical Regualtion of Children Toys.

2. Gulf requirements for Children Toys

Children toys is different from other product that it needs GCTS certificate issued by GSO.

ASTC can help you on applying GCTS certificate as ASTC is a notification body registed in GSO.

GSO has put forward many other requirements for photos and test report. Besides these, instruction manual in arabic is mandatory as well.

2.1 Test Requirements

Following test item is mandatory for children toys:

Mechanical and physical properties, Flammability, Migration of certain elements

Specific type of toys have their specific standards to test its safety.

2.2 Photo Requirements

All information about manufacturer(factory) and product should be shown on the label.

There must be warning(specific type of products have their specific warnings) as well.

2.3 Instrction

Each product needs instrction in Arabic at least.

for some product, it needs each building up of step and detailed playing method explanation.

Please contact with the mail: & for more information.

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