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Children's Sleepwear Testing

1.What is the Children's Sleepwear?

Children's Sleepwear are clothing of any size from 9 months to 14 that is primarily used for sleep. Such as pajamas, nightgowns, or loungewear.

2.Children's Sleepwear Testing.

Test Item

Test ItemStandard or Method
Formaldehyde contentISO 14184-1
AZO dyesISO 14362-1;ISO 14362-3
pH vlaueISO 3071
Color fastness to rubbingISO 105-X12
Color fastness to perspirationISO 105-E04
Color fastness to washingISO 105-C06
Metal contentEN 16711-1;EN 16711-2
Fabric compositionISO 1833-X, X=(1,2,3.....24,except 13,15,16,19,21,22,);
Allergenic and carcinogenic dyestuffsISO 16373-2
Certain flame retardantsISO 17881-1;ISO 17881-2
Surface pilling,fuzzing or mattingISO 12945-1; ISO 12945-2;ES 2589-1

3.Factory Audit

Children's Sleepwear belongs to type 3 product, Factory audit report valid within one year must be provided. ASTC can provide you proessional factory audit team to finish the programm.

For more testing and auditing infotmation, Please contact with mail: info@actcplus.com

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