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Our professional inspectors deliver product inspection services in a variety of industries including textiles and bags, gifts and premiums, garment and apparel, toys and juvenile products, electronic and other electrical devices, lighting, sundries and stationery, tools and DIY, printing and packaging, industrial and Home Appliances, and housewares products.


Initial Production Inspection (IPI) is carried out when the production is at the stage of 5-10% finished. This verifies that product specifications are being met and avoids unnecessary reengineering work later, avoid the producing risks that come to large quantity unqualified products, solve the found quality problems timely before the massive production starts.


During Production Inspection (DUPRO) is performed at the stage of 30%- 50% goods finished and packed into export cartons. Or during the manufacturing process and determines whether the appropriate tests and checks are taking place and whether the quality checks are consistent with the customer's requirements. Quality problems may happen during the massive production. Hence, inspection at this stage can timely keep you updated whether the products are consistent with your approval sample and requirements, ensuring the mass production delivery on time, so as to reduce the risks of possible delay shipment.


Final Random Inspection (FRI) is an on-site Final Product Inspection at the stage of 100% completed production and products need to be at least 80% packed before shipment. It helps to know the product’s Compliance with the specifications (PO, Style, Measurements, Labeling & Markings, Functionality, safety and regulatory requirements etc). Based on the outcome of a final inspection, a lot can be accepted, rejected, or placed on hold. It helps to identify non-conformances prior to shipment, reducing the risks to the buyer of receiving defective product along with the associated delays in receiving replacement products.


Container Loading Supervision (CLS) This is to supervise the whole process of loading of products and verify what inside the cargo before arrival. Improper handling of your goods can cause damage, delays and costs.


Full inspection(100% inspection) is conducted after all products have been manufactured. The much-needed product inspection is carried out to ensure that the final products are in accordance with the client’s quality standards.


Sample evaluation service involves a relatively small number of items from a batch or lot, for a range of specifications such as appearance, workmanship, safety, functions, etc. prior to mass production.
It is an essential step before the manufacturing process, beginning with a physical inspection of a product sample before production begins in order to spot any defects prior to mass production. And during the sample checking process, the physical and functional characteristics of the product should also be verified against the drawings, specifications and/or other design documents, ensuring the quality of sample meets with specified requirements to avoid bulk quality problems during the manufacturing process, as well as the reliability and consistency of the manufacturing process and final product.
ASTC sample evaluation service helps on:
Workmanship Check: check the quality of materials and finished product based on a pre-production design
Style, Color & Documentation: check the color/designed are consistent with the specifications
Field Test & Measurement:
※Test the procedure and product in actual situation reflecting the intended use;
※Survey of the existing condition and the comparison of dimensions with those shown on drawings at the field site
Shipping Mark & Packaging: Verify the shipping mark and packages comply with requirements.

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