Exporting to Saudi Arabia | Do shelves and paper cups also need MOCI? SASO latest requirements

Declaration document must be provided when applying for a PC or SC for Cup of Paperboard.

According to the SASO notification, starting from Nov. 30, 2023, for shelves and Cup of paperboard, applicants must provide a declaration from the Ministry of Industry and Mining and obtain their approval when applying for a product certificate or shipment certificate through the SABER system.

If an applicant is unable to provide the approved declaration document from the Ministry of Industry and Mining to the certification body, the issuance of the product certificate or shipment certificate will not be possible.        


The products and HS codes covered by this Notice are as follows:        


Products name


Large-scale shelving


Cup of paperboard


How to apply for MOCI?    

1. Fill out the MOCI application form;       

2. Send the MOCI application form to and wait for the approval reply from the Ministry of Industry and Mines.




The original text is as follows:                



MOCI Sample::                



At this stage, products exported to Saudi Arabia under the following customs codes must obtain approval documents from the Ministry of Industry and Mines before applying for Saber certification.


Products name

481890000002  481890009999

630790970002  630790990000

Non-medical use face mask

480300100005  480300100004

480300100003  480300100001

480300900001  480300100006

Napkin rolls

732599100001  732690300002

732690300001  732599109999

732599100001  732510109999

732510100002  732510100001

Manhole covers

5509529000  5503200000

Polyester fiber


Shade windows


Ceramic tile


Paints and varnishes


Carpets, rugs and moquette

72104900  72103000

72107000  72171000

72163320  72142040

Iron and steel building material

730300000001  730300000002

730719000000  730721000000

730722000000  730723000000


Tube or pipe fittings of iron or steel

252321000001  252321000002

252321000003  252321000004

Portland cement


Large-scale shelving


Cup of paperboard

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