Congratulations to Dongguan ASTC lab on achieving ISO 17025 accreditation!

Congratulations to Dongguan ASTC lab on achieving ISO 17025 accreditation!  This is a significant achievement for ASTC Lab in enhancing its technical capabilities and service quality, deserving praise and celebration.

ISO 17025 is a laboratory competency accreditation standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which imposes strict requirements on various aspects of a laboratory, including quality management system, technical capabilities, etc.  Achieving accreditation signifies that the quality management system and technical capability of ASTC lab have complied with requirement of ISO 17025, and the lab has been accredited by conformity assessment bodies.

The accomplishment attained by ASTC Lab achieving the ISO 17025 accreditation is an affirmation of its professional ability, team effort and commitment to quality.  ASTC’s scope of accreditation includes various standards, enabling ASTC to provide a variety of testing services, such as ISO 12100 and IEC 60204-1 test for mechanical equipment, IEC 60335 test for household appliances, ISO 60598 test for illuminating equipment, ISO 62368-1 and IP(Ingress Protection) level test for information technology equipment and audio video equipment.  This accomplishment will further drive ASTC Lab to continually enhance its technical capabilities and service quality, delivering superior testing and laboratory services to its clients.

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