Dates of updating specifications for electric heaters, electric heaters, and electrical extensions

Please note that Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization (SASO) issued time plan for the implementation of the following SASO Standards in the official Gazette on 20/08/2021:

SASO IEC 60335-2-21: Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety -

Part 2-21: Particular requirements for storage water heaters

SASO IEC 60335-2-30: Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety -

Part 2-30: Particular requirements for room heaters

SASO 2815: Safety Requirements for Cord Extension Sets 230 V/13 A

The time frame is according to the following SASO announcement :

Publication date Suspension of the issuance of conformity certificates according to the old standard Actual application at customs ports and local factories according to the new standard Prohibition of trading in the market of products obtained from conforming certificate according to the old standrad





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