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SASO issued new requirements for some electrical product standards

A reference to the national amendments to some standards published in Umm Al-Qura Gazzitee No. (4896) and dated 20/08/2021, and a reference to the inquiries received regarding these amendments.

      The updated standards are shown in the table below:



Mandatory date

Mandatory date

Electric Storage Water Heaters

SASO IEC 60335-2-21: 2021


SASO GSO 1858: 2012, SASO GSO 1859: 2012, SASO UL 174: 2008, SASO UL 1453:2008

Electric Room Heaters

SASO IEC 60335-2-30:2021

SASO GSO IEC 60335-2-30: 2020

Electric Cord Extensions

SASO 2815: 2021

SASO 2815: 2010

      The details are as follows:

Firstly: Electric Storage Water Heaters

    Commitment to work as contained in the notification issued by GSO No. 20/300/170 and dated 27/08/2020 for Electric Storage Water Heaters up to a capacity of 200L for domestic use until 20/02/2022. Starting from 21/02/2022, SASO IEC 60335-2-21: 2021 (Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 2-21: Particular requirements for storage water heaters) shall be applied to all Electric Storage Water Heaters. This standard supersedes and replaces standards: (SASO GSO 1858: 2012, SASO GSO 1859: 2012, SASO UL 174: 2008, SASO UL 1453:2008).

    It will be mandatory for all Electric Storage Water Heaters with their various capacities based on the scope of the standard with taking into account national amendments to the standard.


Secondly: Electric Room Heaters

    SASO IEC 60335-2-30:2021 (Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 2-30: Particular requirements for room heaters) shall be applied to all Electric Room Heaters within the scope of the standard. This standard shall replace the previous version of standard No. SASO GSO IEC 60335-2-30: 2020, and it will be a mandatory standard, starting from 21/02/2022, taking into account national amendments to the standard.


Thirdly: Electric Cord Extensions

    SASO 2815: 2021 (safety requirements for Cord Extension sets- 230 V/13 A) shall be applied to Electric Cord Extensions. This standard supersedes and replaces standards No. SASO 2815: 2010 (safety requirements for Cord Extension Sets), and it will be a mandatory standard, starting from 21/02/2022, taking into account national amendments to the standard.


Accordinglywe hope that bodies are committed to verifying the requirements of the standard according to the dates referred 

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