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SASO: Non-medical mask products need to submit a MOCI Declaration

According to the SASO circular on 03/24/2021 and 06/02/2020, the list of customs codes for non-medical respirator products includes the following:





SASO requires importers and manufacturers to follow the regulations for textile products and personal protection equipment and clothing on the product of non-medical masksand a reference to the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources regarding obligating all importers and manufacturers to fill The attached declaration when importing or placing products on the market for non-medical masks.

SASO requires all conformity assessment bodies to must notify all importers and manufacturers of the need to fill out the attached declaration when submitting a consignment certificate request through the Saber electronic platform starting from 23/3/2021. The conformity assessment bodies shall verify the existence of this the acknowledgment is among the files submitted by the applicant and the commitment to do so, and it is not allowed to issue a consignment certificate through the system unless the form is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources as one of the attachments.


The declaration form see below.