May 6, 2024 Notice to enforce SASO certification requirements for vehicle front/side/rear guards

Recently, many manufacturers came to consult the front and rear protection of Saudi SASO certification, for the latest technical regulations, ASTC specifically collated Saudi requirements for protection certification.        

Technical Regulation for Front, Rear and Side Barriers for Trucks and Trailers.        

On May 6, 2024, the GSO organization issued a notice informing all truck Oems that all trucks,  trailers and semi-trailers weighing more than 3.5 tons exported to Saudi Arabia must first apply for a SASO certificate for front and rear protection.        


The requirements for front and rear protection devices of Saudi vehicles are analyzed as follows:        

    1. Scope of application: trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, weight more than 3.5t, height above the ground more than 400mm need to be forced with protective devices, such devices need to apply for SASO certificate.        

    2. Application process, the importer needs to submit the application on the Saudi JEEM1 website, inform us of the application number, cooperate with the data review, contact us to arrange on-site inspection, and SASO will issue a formal COC certificate after passing the inspection.        

    3. For the required technical data requirements, you can contact online customer service to obtain the latest technical requirements.        



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